Actress Marian Addo embarrassed
Posted on: 2010-Oct-30        Spectator
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What was meant to be a joyous outing to the popular Monte Carlo pub in Accra last Saturday turned into a total mess and disgrace for rising actress Marian Addo when she came face to face with her greatest embarrassment ever in life.

The actress, who has played lead roles in Ghanaian films such as Hot Fork, Love & Sex, as well as a stint with the popular television series Efiewura, wished the earth had tom into two that fateful day and probably swallowed her up.

At least by this, she could have avoided the humiliation in which four young-men walked straight to her and, in the presence of friends, revellers and passers-by, requested that she appended her autograph on their respective buttocks.

The guys said they had heard Marian was a stripper, for which reason signing an autograph on their buttocks should not be any big deal for her.

A stripper, otherwise called a striptease, is a performer who provides an adult audience with erotic entertainment by gradually undressing to music, either partly or completely, in a sexually seductive manner. It is a common phenomenon in the western world.

Recounting her experience to Spectator Agoro on Sunday afternoon, October 24, a day after the sordid incident, Marian dispelled rumours that she was a stripper, arguing the fact that she sometimes showed off certain parts of her body in films does not mean she is a stripper.

"Some friends and I went to Monte Carlo yesterday to have some drinks in celebration of a friend's birthday. Immediately we sat down, some four guys approached me and requested that I sign my autograph for them.

"I wasn't having a pen on me, so I promised to do it for them some other time. Before I knew, they'd come back, this time around with a man. So, I asked them where I should sign.”