Adjetey Sowah bounces back
Posted on: 2011-May-07        Daily Guide
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After many years of being away from the entertainment scene, legendary dancer Adjetey Sowah appears to have bounced back.

Last Sunday, the man whose name still lingers on the minds of many Ghanaians, made an unexpected appearance on stage at the grand finale of TV3’s Talented Kidz.

He used the occasion to remind entertainment observers of his great dancing skills, when he performed alongside some of the children on the show.

Even though it looked obvious that age had caught up with him, he was able to rock on the dance floor with the rhythms of Afro Moses’ ‘Zombie’ song.

Not many of the audience at the TV3 studio B were able to make him out on stage until MC Jozie mentioned his name after his performance.

It is not clear what Adjetey Sowah has been doing with his life lately. However there is no doubt that he has been nurturing a lot of talents for the dance industry which is yet to get a huge facelift.

Adjetey remains a popular and award-winning Ghanaian dancer with exploits which can never go unmentioned when dancers are mentioned in Ghana.

He has trained and served as an inspiration to a lot of Ghanaian dancers.