Nadia Buari denies dating Andre Ayew
Posted on: 2011-Dec-04        
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Sexy Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari has for the first time denied any amorous relationship with Black Stars midfielder, Dede Ayew; Nigerian musician Dbanj, and Congolese Fally Ipupa, also a musician.

Sections of the media have been curious and wildly speculative of who Nadia was seeing or going to date next since her relationship with Black Stars and Chelsea star, Michael Essien ended several months ago. Several names, including those of Dede and DBanj, have been doing the rounds.

Nadia, addressing the issue in an interview with, said it was quite unfortunate that whoever she steps out with automatically becomes her boyfriend.

According to her, If I should step out with a guy, automatically people assume Im dating the person. Its sad. I wonder why they do that. I went to the awards with Fally Ipupa, we walked on the red carpet, the next thing Im dating him.

On Dede Ayew, the bubbly actress said, I have no idea where that rumour started from. In fact, if I should walk out with whomever in public, automatically, they assume Im dating that person.

Asked who she was dating now, Nadia giggled and said, Thats my little secret.

Interestingly this was the same response Nadia gave in 2010 when we inquired about a sparkling ring on her finger, an inquisition that registered a big, broad smile on her face.

She wittily stated: Its my little secret. Im not sharing that... Well, it looks like the "little secret" is being very well kept.

On her somewhat cold relationship with the media, Nadia said; I hear that and it saddens my heart because Im grateful to the media. I dont think I would have done this far in my career had it not been for the media because they make my fans get to know my works and get to know who I am."

She however lamented that I think in the past few years, a lot of things have been written about me that are so not true and it really hurts to know why people will just fabricate stuff and publish it to make my fans get a totally different perception of who I am.

Nadia said those fabricated stories have necessitated a rather shy relationship with the media: I think the less I comment on that, the better, thats how come I stay away. And I think that if I'm going to concentrate on everything written about me, I wouldnt be getting any work done. I have got too much to do to be focusing on what is being written [about me]

She however advised the media to do their best to contact her for her side of stories that have to do with her, before filing them.