TV3 apologises for Kubolor’s ‘free show’ on Delay
Posted on: 2012-Mar-12        
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TV3 Network, a private TV station in Ghana has apologized for what it described as the indecent exposure of one of its guests on an interview programme-Delay and has subsequently suspended the show on its network.

A controversial musician Wanlov Kubolor in an interview on Delay stripped naked after he was dared by the host of the show.

The show host wanted to find out if it was true that the mythical musician truly walked around town barefooted with a piece of rag wrapped around his waist with no underwear on.

To prove it was true, Wanlov stood up, lifted the piece of rag around his waist with his hairy genitals dangling live on the show.

The station has been heavily criticised for airing the show but Wanlov Kubolor has shown no remorse.

A statement issued by TV3, Monday apologized for the inconvenience the airing of the programme may have caused its cherished viewers.

The statement explained that the station showed an edited version of the interview, adding however that the unedited version of the show somehow sprang up on social media.

“Although TV3 showed the edited version on March 10, 2012, the content regrettably did not conform to TV3’s content policies and procedures. However an unedited version of similar video has been circulated over the internet attributing the indecent exposure of the guest to our network. Although the two videos are slightly different TV3 acknowledges that it erred in allowing the video on our network and do apologise to our numerous viewers for the embarrassment.”

The statement further posited that the Delay show is an independent production and not produced by TV3.

The statement said the network takes the issue very serious and has suspended the programme with immediate effect.