Kwadee speaks at last
Posted on: 2013-Oct-10        
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It has been seven months sinceShowbiz reported that Kwaadee, the not-too-long-ago favourite lyricist of Ghanaian hiplife music had gone missing. Showbiz can now report that he has been found.

The two people who should have known his whereabouts then, his mother, Madam Sakia and Eric Agyeman, his close pal whom Kwaadee stayed with in Accra, could neither tell of his whereabouts at the time.

In a heated and long-winding argument on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review programme last March, Kwaadee’s mother and Eric Agyeman traded counter-accusations against each other for Kwadee’s disappearance.

A video of Kwaadee which popped up this week on various social media sites, however, has revealed that the 'Ka Wo NanTo So' hit -maker was after all not missing but was in Accra working on some songs to be released this year.

The video showed an upset Kwaadee being interviewed. He expressed his frustrations at his mother’s interference in his decision to revive his music career and her unsavoury attitude towards friends and producers keen to assist him.

He was also not happy about the way his mother takes refuge in the media to talk of his personal challenges.

“I want my mother to come and pick me and take me to wherever she wants to. I am tired of people telling me ‘your mother this, your mother that.’

“I want to do something beneficial to myself but she is not allowing me to do so. I am fed up with her being on my case every time. She should just come and pick me to anywhere she wants so this case will be closed.”

According to Kwaadee, he had been quiet all this while because of the respect he had for his mother.

“I have been quiet because there is no need to come on air and talk about something I cannot explain myself for. I am 35 years old and know what is good for me but my mother will not let me be.

“She virtually controls my life and will take the least opportunity to talk about my private life in the media. I don’t even know what she is about because if I have a problem, it is my headache and her headache to deal with it and not the general public,” he added.