Ghana Most Beautiful's Nasara confirms 'bleaching' of skin
Posted on: 2013-Dec-17        
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Former Ghana's Most Beautiful winner Miriam Abdul Rauf popularly known as Nasara says she sees nothing wrong with bleaching her skin.

Nasara, who won the beauty pageant's title in 2009 but was later stripped of it, speaking an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manson on the Delay show over the weekend confirmed that she has bleached her skin but insisted it was choice for which she has no regrets.

When she participated in and was crowned Ghana's Most Beautiful, a TV3 reality show, Nasara was dark skinned. But lately, the former Ghana Most Beautiful title holder, who is not new to controversy, has become fairer sparking speculations that she is bleaching.

The mother of twins confirms she is bleaching but explain that, "in life we are all entitled to what we want to do...I choose to tone my skin and I don't think it's a problem because if it were a problem to me, I won't do it." In fact "I love it," she added.

Nasara said she not "regret it." Unlike "those days when the creams were so harsh and cheap now there are better creams that will just tone your body...and will just befit you," she stated.

Reacting to assertions that prolonged bleaching could cause skin cancers, Nasara said "In life, everything comes with the bad aspects of it...when you are doing something, sometimes you don't really need to think about the bad part of it. I am just doing it because I am comfortable with it and I don't event think about the negative part of it."

Nasara made the headlines in 2012 when she was accused of stealing a mobile phone and make-up kit of Miss England during a beauty pageant outside the country - an allegation she denied.

She was consequently stripped of her Ghana Most Beautiful title.