Vice Rector of Wa Poly calls for end to beauty pageants
Posted on: 2010-Dec-14        Joy fm
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The Vice Rector of the Wa Polytechnic, Emmanuel Bagaania, has said he does not see the essence of beauty pageants as they play a significant role in the marginalization of women.

“Many times when I come to looking at beauty pageants and those competitions it saddens my heart to see that human beings can mount a dais and then be paraded like animals and then people clap…I don’t see the sense in it,” he lamented

Mr. Emmanuel Bagaania who made this statement at the Ladies Week celebration of the polytechnic further expressed worry about the manner in which women are suffering in the hands of their male counterparts.

He said there are many socio-cultural practices in the country which are inimical to the progress of women that needs to be stopped for women to achieve their aims.

“There is too much female marginalization. We see many times widowhood rights and we don’t see that performed on the males…and we think that there is nothing wrong with that?”